The Green Lantern.

Yes, I am making an effort to blog everyday now.
My blog is the only reason I come online nowadays.
Besides Facebook.
And Ebay.
And Orangette.
And TheUrbanGent.
And the occasional Rappelz.

So yeah, I'm trying to blog everyday.
I love my blog.
And he has been my closest friend ever since.

Today was a very fruitful day.
Besides the fact that I was dressed entirely in green.
And looked like the Green Lantern.
And I didn't realize until Miss Cheryl Lee pointed it out to me.
I saved a life.
Well literally.
There was the bi-annual blood donation drive at NYP today.
So off I went to donate!
And I just had to get the green bandage! 

Went with Syahirah and Din.
Met Cheryl there and woohooo!

Sadly though, both Cheryl and Syahirah couldn't donate!
Syahirah had low blood pressure and Cheryl had LOW IRON.
So sad!

In the end it was just Din and I.

The last time I donated was in 2008.
Damn long ago.

It feels great to save a life of a person whom you don't know.
Even though that person doesn't know who you are, the person owes his life to you.
And it means the world to the both.

So sad Cheryl couldn't donate.
My poor president drank like no idea how much Milo for this.

Anyways, I think Rene's office is the best place to lepak.
Like seriously.

Besides having Rene, there's tons of toys to keep you company!
And Rene always got food!

Speaking of food, Cheryl brought back these wonderful stuff from Taiwan.
Damn good.
Personally, I love the marshmallow pads.
Deliciously soft and sweet.
The condoms weren't that bad either.
I preferred the strawberry ones.


And Uncle Eddie came to visit.
And he brought some of the best tasting Goreng Pisangs.
And this sweet potato and taro with something else filled in between.

I am so gonna do extra reps in the gym tomorrow.

Feel the adrenaline
Moving under my skin
It's an addiction
Such an eruption

Sound is my remedy
Feeding me energy
Music is all I need

Baby I just wanna dance
I don't really care
I just wanna dance
I don't really care.. care.. care

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