Rock on baby!

Today was the very first Lunchtime performance in school.
It was awesome!
Though a lot of work needs to be done before I can join Latin competitions.

Even so, I had a wonderful day today!
It wasn't my first performance today.
It's my second....

Which reminds me why didn't I blog about it.
Okay okay, I will now!

First was Youthphoria!
It was actually on the 30th of October.
At Singapore Discovery Centre!

And that was the amount of pins in me head.
Like POWER only.
I just couldn't find all..until I showered!
Damn thick hair.

Not bad, but made tons of mistakes.
But it was a good first time! HAHA!

And today, was like I said, our very first Lunchtime performance.

 I can't wait for more and more performances!

Like 13th and 19th don't have! HAHA

Oh and a little advice!

I feel happy.
Finally doing something I love.

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