Food and Dance.

See myself in a long black car
With the windows up heads down
And the cops in front of me
With high beams holier than thou
They say that this life is just a lease from God
Yeah I’ll start the party if the gates come off

See myself in a long black car
Two red Marys and I’m full of grace
Your cut in the movie is
Wipe that frown right off my face
If life’s a beach, bury me in a sandcastle
Ready for the hustle, here we go

 And we’re dancing, and we’re dancing around
And we’re dancing, and we’re dancing around
In a club called Heaven, halos tripping out
And we’re dancing, in a club called Heaven
Never going down
                                    Club Called Heaven-Black Cards

I finally have the time and the energy to blog!
So far, with all the performances and projects and presentations, I have had not even enough time for proper shut eye.
And since, tomorrow is a holiday, I can just R&R all the way .

Which is good.
I' just spent the early morning cleaning my room, grooming and pampering my fish tanks.
Mid-mornings to earlyish afternoon is all study baby.
Then it's all out and about for the holiday!
I'm gonna have a buffet soon!


So, let's see what has gone done in life (oh, so precious life) from my last post.

Well, I went to Marina Barrage for the very first time!
It's a lovely place. Very pleasant.
It would be better though, if rather empty and quiet.
It's a perfect place to bring perfect people.

Oh, and I had another performance on Saturday at a NEA Carnival at United Square.
(I initially thought we are gonna perform at their headquarters for some company lunch or something..Yeah, silly me.)
Well, I would say so far, it's my best!
Well also maybe because Sound Card was right in front cheering us the entire time!
I think I can get used to performing.

Well, those were the highlights I suppose.
That's the problem with late blogging.
I just can't remember what I want to say, when I know there's so much cluttered in my mind.

Well, the common tests are coming soon.
This semester, I think Maths is quite okay, but Analog dunnowhatshit (aka electrical and circuitry) I am so going to FAIL.
So it's time to buck up and kick into gear.
I need my 4 points.

Oh, another late update!

Next to NYP is the Grassroots Club.
They got this offer for one of their restaurants, the Naked Fish Shoppe (COOL NAME!) always displaying outside on the main walkway to NYP.
5++ Nett for a student meal.
So one day, me and some classmates decided to give it a try.
Besides, we had a two hour break.
(And walking past that sign everyday just made me tempted to try...Stupid signboard.)

Well the food was good.
Portions, kinda small, but not bad actually.

It was pleasant though.
The fondue is GOOD!
Okay, I asked the waiter for a fondue for two.
And when it came, it actually looked quite GOOD for a fondue for two.
Way too good for a fondue for two.
But then well, I did give him the right order.

Until the bill came.
It was a fondue for four.
But it was really good!

Though I'm not sure if I would eat there again, well for a meal that is.
I would certainly go back and savor their fondue on the patio.

Speaking of which,

I decided to make brunch on Sunday.
It was really sudden and impromptu.
I just wanted to cook after such a long time.

Finished service rather early.
Left early with Dorothy cause we taught the MeowDog had overslept.
(Which wasn't the case, he was in church! It was so damn funny.)
When I reached home, I just thought,
"You know what? I am going to cook!"

It was so refreshing to be on the stove again.
I miss those days, whipping up food.

So AHEM, today, Gaijin made a delicious Mediterranean styled brunch fit for Grace Kelly.
Just kidding.

I made a Chunky Tomato & Olive Cheese Omelet, with Caramelized Onions and Garlic with Rosemary and Balsamic Vinegar, and Buttered Toasties. All garnished with Spring Onions, Oats and Chili Flakes.


And all washed down with a crisp apple and Ikea Dark Chocolate.

I feel very very proud.
Most people find cooking a chore, or it's hard.

True, you can't just dump anything you like and expect it to turn out delicious.
BUT, cooking is easy!
All you need is imagination and creativity.
Don't let all the freaky weird spices and measurements scare you.
Let your instinct guide you.

And you will have a perfect time in the kitchen.

So that's all folks for Gaijin's WORDS OF WISDOM.

 So, I got another performance this Friday.
Awesome right?

I just love the thrill of it.
The spontaneous-nous of it all.
The preperation.
Though my standards I actually SUCK, I am so gonna be better.
Practice harder, and just move those damn hips BIGGER.

So, I'm going back to studying.
And getting ready for le buffet!

I'll try to update more!
Like I promised!

And Miss Amy Winehouse,
when is your new album coming out?
I miss your tunes.

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