Helium Balloons.

Yes yes, I had another performance!

This time, our performance was SERIOUSLY for the good for others.
We performed at SGH for patient therapy.
Cool eh?
We were therapy.

My new love in life, is performing and dancing.
The feeling is just surreal.

And we got tons of helium balloons after everything!
The bests parts were inhaling in all of that delicious helium and freaking hilarious voices after that.
There are videos somewhere...
Somewhere..I just don't know where..

I don't think we've ever had so much fun at a performance like this one.

Just pure joy.


compact powder is a man's best friend!

For some strange reason
You done pleasin' me like it's okay
Like a perm that's been left too long
It's starts to burn, the result is it just won't take

Now it's all coming so clear to me now
Misinterpreted all my naiveness
Was just thinking if I had no you than I can't do
My stock just went up over 2 million

So if you want to, you got the green light

Is that a threat? What's another threat?
Yep, that's another threat, from you, you can get no colder
You got the green light, you lookin' right
You holdin' up traffic, green means go!

Go, go, go, go

Ain't no problem, you can go
I'm gon' find somebody else
So why not move along?
You got the green light so you can go
Go, go, go, go
Go, go, red light, green light

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