I've found my home comfort specs! The thing is,it's not comfortable anymore.

Yes,I've been going through a rather bad personal patch as of late.It's pretty bad this time.And it's affecting alot of people.My parents are worried,thanks to some over-exaggerated teacher who called them.My fish are all worried too,I don't spend time looking at them as I used to.Well,I got great friends by my side,forever asking me that irritating question "You ok not??"
I just tend to shut myself off from the rest of the world.It isn't good,but it's that's just the way I am.Plus the combo of stuffing everything deep inside me for years doesn't really help either.
So,people keep asking me what the hell is wrong,well,it's just the accumulated sorrows accumulated over a period of approximately 11 years till now,which can't be accumulated any more cause I can't "tahan" anymore,so yeah,that's my rough patch.
Got it? No more asking okay.
I know the way I handle things isn't really that good on the social line,but it's the only way I know how.I just want to be alone sometimes,just be with myself,and just be away from other humans for awhile.And it's sad that people don't understand sometimes.They actually think that you have changed permanently and that you don't care about them anymore.It can be depressing to watch it all unfold.
And I would greatly appreciate it that whatever I type here will stay here.If you read it,keep it to yourself yeah? Merci.
Thanks ah,Mdm Choo,for calling my mum and causing a riot at home!

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