We sometimes just take things for granted alot.
I have a very very screwed up PC at the moment.Extremely screwed up.A bad reboot which resulted in multiple accounts,no audio,and some bad connection somewhere resulting in no connection to MSN.
Which resulted in me using that old can of a laptop because I honestly,was desperate.
And now,that old can just died on me.It has totally crashed.Old can indeed.
Which resulted in me going back to the PC.But the problems with the PC had to be fixed.So,in my usual impatience I went straight to it,without any basic knowledge.So now,I got a major screwed up,because I have no idea what I've done.So,now,I have completely cut myself away from the cyber world!
I feel like I am so lost without my internet.
Which made me realize how hooked on I am to the net and MSN.Ironic as can be.I feel very very not in peace at all.

I find it very hard to understand why majority of my electronics never tend to function properly,from my phone to my radio to now my laptop and PC which has become the epitome of it all.
This is a perfect opportunity for me to start thinking what,who and which I am taking for granted.
And as I sit here,typing this down on my friend's laptop and drowning in my own sorrow for my lost,I can really see it all now.Wow.

Please pray for me.Another laptop would really really help.It really would!

........and how about a nice LCD TV and PS3??

Will blog properly when my PC is up and running.Whenever that would be..

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