I always ask this question.And have been doing so for as long as I can remember.
"Why me?" "WHY?"
That very word can mean so much.And knowing the numerous answers to that very word can also mean so much to a person.
Sometimes,there is a limit to shaking that soda bottle before it explodes.But my soda has exploded,emptied the bottle and the has torpedoed somewhere,never to be found again.
I don't think I will ever be the same again.

Back to reality and doing what I do best,acting like nothing ever happened.

Today was Sharon's wedding.Food was good.
And today was Dad's birthday.
And the usual dilemma of where to eat on special occasions was our usual dilemma.Our usual and no kick eating places,aka Sakae Sushi,Jack's place or Sizzler seriously did not appeal.The food there is okay,but seriously a bit worn off it.Then,the sudden thought of Botak Jones came to mind.
I've always read and heard about the greatness and deliciousness of Botak Jones.So this was the perfect opportunity to try it out.And even better was the comfort that it was nearby home aka in humble Yishun.It was brand new,so even better.
All right,so right in the heartlands in the district of Yishun,with uncles drinking and smoking and aunties gossiping loudly in hokkien,I had one the best Western food in Singapore.Seriously,very good food.I ordered the Chili Dog.And boy,was it good! Half way through and I was already stuffed and panting! And they had this stuffed jalapeneos which were "omg" damn mouth-watering.And for once,mother didn't complain at all about what she ordered,which means,succes!

Happy am I to be so close to Botak Jones.It's so very cheap too! I can take a nice stroll there for a bite or eat there for lunch and go back to school.Just nice,comfortable,friendly staff too! I might want to work there.Haha,seriously good food.

I think that new okto channel is such a bloody waste.So much hype about it,being a new channel,blablabla, when it's just a replacement.I see nothing much but kiddie shows,old anime,and dumb local made shows,I mean,haven't we seen enough of Gurmit Singh? Seriously,it's just a conspiracy.Nothing new,just a new name.I think Okto live is the only thing worth watching,and that's about it.Singapore never changes.TskTsk.

Sad,that laptop is gone and PC is still dead.But grateful to Ebuddy and Dad's laptop.

All it takes,is just a simple song with simple words,like Mighty To Save,to bring you to tears.I feel good sometimes that those tears can flow.I tend however many times to hide whatever I am feeling.Embaressed however,that I teared in school canteen.

Tears,never new.

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