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Oh Mon Dieu

A hectic week this has been.Hectic indeed.
It's been hectic for weeks actually.
So hectic that I have totally forgotten to care about yours truly.
Whats worse,I am looking worse than I thought I did.
Alot of time by my own these nights have really showed me the affects of not properly grooming onself.
Let's talk about the obvious shall we.
First,I rebonded my hair in the early parts of last month.Looked great for the first few days.Now however,as usual as most humans who are never content with themselves,I tend to fuss so much.Now here's what the nice lady at the saloon (who looked like Cassandra See) did to my hair.A full on rebond to the fringe and medium rebond on the rest of my head.
Not that I am complaining,in denial,but how can the rebonds wear off so fast?!
My head already grows like an uneven out of control weed pasture.The medium rebond totally wore off! Or actually had no effect at all! The hair at the back of my head is so bloody curly now.My fringe is straight but curls for like 5 cm from the root.Damn! Plus the sides of my fringe has totally worn off.
So,a proper explanation of what my hair looks like now is...a cauliflower with wheatgrass in the front with devil horns.
Plus that blue extension I put on at the same time is now turning PINK!
See what I mean!

And thanks to that fringe I never had,my forehead is now plagued by whiteheads and pimples! Plus with all the carelessness,those pimples have migrated to my chin and cheeks.Bad!
Yeah,it's been a long time since I actually washed my face up real good complete with scrubs and facials and masks.Yes,I do those.And I'm not ashamed to say it!
However my path down the weight loss wagon is well,abit of a success.My pants all damn loose.So that's one good thing.

Went to accompany Leonard to CMPB a few days back.On the way back we got on this cool SBS Transit bus.I may be very slow and old,but the bus was fashioned all for the F1 race.Everything was different.And they even had an LCD tv inside too!But then again,such a nice bus in such an uloo location for what?! Wasteful.
Sorry for the blurry pictures.Had this very fucktard driver.

I am back to work to the faithful GoodWood Park.Damn tiring.But I would rather work there than anywhere else at the moment.Especially with JY,Leonard and Ali.And the food is getting better too!
When one has needs and wants,a job is perfect,no matter how tiring.I finshed work yesterday only at 230am! Which is like 3 and a half more hours of pay! Sweet! Yesterday they had this dinner and dance.The theme was retro night.And they had posters of Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe everywhere.So far from the theme's point.And nobody dressed up for the theme.One guy did,but he looked like a clown.Another did dress up,but in a kimono.So off point.Tsk! Anyways,they had this great emcee who did a handstand and strip dance.Well,it was entertaining!
But,it can get so stressful.Very stressful! But the money yesterday was omgaaaawd.

Remember that aquarium tank "karang-gunied" home? I plan to use for a hamster or a rodent that can fit into my hands! My plan to convert my room to an animal paradise is in progress along with the disapproval of parents.Yeah,thanks Mother for losing my first hamster.

I have so many things I want to do with this blog.I got so many ideas and designs and concepts I want to use.
But God?! Please help me! I can't function with this messed up PC and without a laptop!
Would someone please sponsor me a laptop?
I would gladly advertise for you!

I leave you with this thought.
Go get a life!
And live it to the fullest no matter what!

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