I have this plant in my room.When I got it a few months ago,it bloomed with red and magenta flowers all over.Then all of a sudden,it stopped.And it rather started becoming to look like a whole bunch of an overgrown weed.It has survived drought and flooding under my care,due to the fact that I had that "you have no flowers so I don't like you anymore" mentality.I had no idea what made me suddenly start taking care of it again.Trimmed it here and there.And now,there is this lone flower there and lotsa buds all over going to bloom soon! It makes me just realize that everything needs nurturing and care and lots of patience.HAHA! So now I know to take care of kids when I have them.

I want a dog.I've always wanted a dog.But my parents never allowed it! The same however with the fishes and the hamster.But now,I got 4 tanks and my hamster ran away after mama didnt cover his cage properly after playing with him.But I think coming home with a dog is just going too far.So,that's why I haven't done it yet.Well,I just have to wait till I get my own place then.I want 2 dogs! A big one and a cute small one.My definition of a cute dog isnt what most people have in mind.I want a pug or a bulldog.I dont know why,but I find their faces cute and adorable.And for the big one,a labrador retriever would do just fine.By then I think I will be in a studio apartment with 2 dogs,and a wall full of fishes! And maybe a cat,not very sure though.



Labrador Retriever!

Right,I decided to forgo the photoblog idea.Just put up all the photos here.Easier with just one blog.With that said,I got alot of photos to upload now.So here they are!
These are the photos from my class BBQ last week.

Celebrated Priya's birthday at school on Friday.As usual,there was cake all over the floor.I think the cleaners know our class very well now.

And I went somewhere I would never ever thought I would go again.But thanks to KianKeat's constant asking,I said yes.And honestly,I did enjoy myself.And met a few great people too.Yeah,I kinda broke my promise to myself again,but I think its good.I honestly wouldn't mind meeting up their cell group again.Nice people.Yeah,they are gonna be soo happy reading this.And someone said they liked my hair! Nobody has ever liked my hair before! (:

I have been sleeping late these days.I got bad eye bags now.So not sexy.

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