Barbecue with the Shin family church yesterday.It was so great to meet up with people again.And meet new ones.And get to know those you know and but never really talked to.Finally had the chance to talk to Fiona after so long.Finally managed to laugh loudly with her again.I miss that.Fiona also now no more single! TskTsk! Auntie Pauline sooo funny! HAHA! Can laugh all day long! Her extension very cute you know.I had a great time there.



Nayi umeed aur khushi lekar aya aaj savera. Sukh-Samrudhi, hasi-khushi, ka ho
apke ghar me dera. SHUBH DIWALI!!

Relatives didn't invite this year,so went to my classmate Mythu's place with some of the class.
And boy did I gorge.It's been so long since I tasted home cooked Singaporean indian food.I didn't give a damn about the rest,and I ate to my heart's content.So,now I'm stuffed.
If I were still in India,along with the week whole holiday,I would be bursting fire crackers and bombs and sending rockets into the air with my heart.Mind you,they don't really care about pollution back then and neither did I.Diwali was the time when you breathe in nothing but smoke,and I'm serious! It was that GOOD!.Like India wasn't that polluted enough,we still had to make it worse! But it was fun! And an experience most people in Singapore will never get to enjoy.Come on! All we have here are sparklers!
And gosh,do I miss those sweets back there too! I won't tell you more,I will just let all those pictures do the talking!

Gulab Jamuns!


Pal Kova!



and Mysore Pak!

These were my all time favourites! This come back to the "things you take for granted" again.For 7 long years I had all the time,eating them like they were Mentos.And now,I am craving for them,craaaving.Those shops at Little India sell them at such extravagant prices,I would rather fly all the way back to India,eat them and come back.Boy,I miss the authenticness of them all.I tried a ladoo here and it sucked,I threw it away and wasted 2 bucks.One day,I will have them again.Just wait.

Okay,I dragged on too far.

So after that went to Bugis to get Dad's birthday present,and it fits! HAHA! Domanchi okaay!
All right,I'm tired.Ate alot,walked alot,and my mental capacity has reached it's limit.
I am going to sleep.It's early,but I'm going to sleep.
Tommorow I shall go to the resevoir early in the morning to just be myself and be with my myself.I need to just calm meself down.

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