What I do like is the fact that my school pants are so loose.What a way to start the new term.Your pants are too loose.Tighten it up with a belt and you'll look like a pear.So,in the end,went to school with loose pants.But how I do miss waking up at 1pm again.

I finally got a new hairstyle.Its a pleasant change from the puffy super curly cauliflower hair I used to have.To spice things up,added two blue extensions after the rebond.But I have no idea what the lady did to the back of my head.She soften it,but made it even more super curly.But then again,I am happy with my new look.Next,a chin job!

From this to---------------------------------------------------------this!

I woke up this morning to a horrible scene to my underwater world.A ram and 2 shrimp died in my tropical tank.A shrimp jumped out of my guppy tank.My black oranda had ick!And now,when I got home,my precious black oscar fell to the death craze.Its like an epidemic today the 13th of October.Come to think of it,unless I do have a lot of time,its a probability to maybe drop my tanks from 4 to 3.The water changes can be tiring and plus my water bill seems to be just increasing like there's no tomorrow.But,greedy as I am,I can't bear to reduce!

It's official! The new School Term is here!

This picture was taken at our class BBQ on Saturday.Will put up more when I get them.
I now got an excruciating headache.Not used to the new timetable.I am still used to waking up at 1pm and sleeping at 5am.

I think its time to tone up....the world is soo materialistic and outwardly don't you think?

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