In the last two days,I've just instances of total loneliness and sadness of closure.


I just love these two bundles of fur.
And I always look forward to whenever they come over to stay.
Well they did recently for awhile..
And when they left,I was just struck by this pang of loneliness on Tuesday.
No one to sleep beside you anymore.
No more insane barking when you get home.
No more intense licking to show that you are missed.
When they left, I just suddenly felt so lonely.


With yesterday being my last day of the semester,usually people will be happy.
But honestly,I'm just sad.
I love the little group we are in.
Everyone's closer.
The bond is just stronger.
And it's sad that it's the end of it all.
And yeah,while walking to the bus stop today, alot of us just sat reminiscing of all the times we had.
And that well, next year things just won't be the same.

And well my flight for Bangkok is leaving soon!

No wonder I'm so flustered!
Take care Singapore!
I won't really as miss you as I ought to...but I still do.

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