All the people in the world
and you can still feel lonely.
What's the point of having it all
without the person you love.
Sometimes you just need to start again.
in order to fly.

Alicia Keys- Doesn't mean anything.

So yeah.
I know I didn't update and I am a sucky blogger but I've been busy.
School and work and by the time I reach home,just nice to check my inbox and hit the sack.
And yeah,I'm planning for some kind of overhaul again.

This is my 200th blog post.
Right now,I feel so stupid for deleting my past 600 0ver blog posts.
Kinda forgot I can look back and laugh at all the stupidity.

Update no 1 !

I rebonded my hair!

SHINGZZ you if you hate it.

Update no 2.


That's all that matters for now.

And I want a redhead for a wife!
Like her!

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