It's sad that during the wonderful season of joy,I have friends leaving earth.
It's sad to come back from a wonderful youth camp
..and learn your friend passed away.
It sucks.
I'm just not able to put it down in words.

Such a sudden change of emotions is not good for my health.

All right,anyways.
Back to the REAL WORLD.

XPLO Camp was awesome.
It just is.
It's a good thing I went.
If everyday was like that, I would be the most joyous.
But then again, good things don't last forever.

Christmas was good this year.
No irritating bastards as friends, no church politics, just no bloody people around who screw up the season like the years before.
Well too good of a Christmas isn't a good thing either.
Down with a fat tired body and a very bad throat.

I'm so not into a mood to blog properly.

Also cause I think I'm falling for you!

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