And there was a time when I wanted to make a living out of blogging.
I love holidays.
Especially come back from an awesome trip.
I like the feeling of loosing track of time.
And just living like there is nothing going on.
Which is good relief from everyday life.

Another good thing about the holidays..I can EAT ALL I WANT!
I don't care how much weight I've put on.
I can loose it away anytime.

Thailand was just great!
And as usual,I can't wait to go back there!

And again when I got back,I totally lost track of time.

My cousins came over to visit and to see Doulos for the last time.
On Doulos, I had this sudden urge to join.
But then thinking of the total 2 years and and actually paying to get on, well I though otherwise.
I'd rather be an Air Steward.
But I would really love to go on their sister boat (forgot what her name is).
Maybe when I finish all my education or something.
Or when I got tons of cash and time to spare.

And the formal dinner party at Dot's place!
I was the under-dressed one.
But I love gatherings like this.
And I just love this bunch of bitches.

And now,I'm off again!
Don't worry, it's just Desaru this time.
Hence the very short post again.
I am so famed for last minute duties.

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