My name is Othniel and I got extremely damaged hair.

I am very tired now.
So I'll just go straight to the point with whats going on.

I had my first cell group this Friday.
And yeah,I am happy.
It's new,it's different...and people are sincere!
Met alot of new people too..as usual when it comes to things like this!
I think I will be quite content here.

I really decided to do something about my tropical fish tank.
(Which used to be a major passion of mine!)
I cleared up and added tons more plants and got tons more of new fish!
I shall post more photos when I get them.
Fish aren't so photogenic as you think they are.
They can barely keep still!

And I had my first class for my new CADD module at SP.
First day,and we got lost trying to find the class.
Ended up being almost an hour late.
Anyway,so now Fridays are switched to Poly life mode.

Extremely tiring,my school life is now.

Well anyways,to cool off,went out with Syaiful and Shiva today.
Went out for dinner and to catch a movie.
Shiva chose Friday the 13th.
Old movie,but the lady chose it and well,what the heck,I haven't watched it yet.
The spin off from all the other Jason movies,this shows how JASON came into existence.
The typical killing and manslaughter kinda horror,it was something that you could expect from a movie like this.
Shiva said it was a wrong choice...but it's a horror movie.What to expect?!

After that,dinner at Pastamania.
Been a long time since I've been there.
Oh,and they had this Banana Pizza!

Played the number game and the loser had to eat this last piece of garlic bread drenched in Tobasco sauce,salt,pepper and cheese.
Look at the video!!
Syaiful lost! HA!

I like just hanging out with people.
Where you can just sit down and laugh and enjoy each others company.

I am confused now.
Genting or Thailand?

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