For the record,Singapore is so damn HOT and HUMID!
Ever since I touched down,I have perspiring non-stop.
It's like all the 2 weeks worth of sweat just came pouring out.
And it can't seem to stop!

I miss wearing 2 layers plus jacket and over coat.
And going to sleep with 3 layers plus jacket and over coat plus snow cap and scarf and gloves and a sleeping bag and topping it off with 2 thick blankets!

I just wish I was still there.

And I was called Ou Ni there!
Like yam.

I can't believe the holidays are finally over.
This has been a holiday unlike any other.

This whole trip to China is still fresh in my mind.I can't seem to forget.
I just miss everything!
I miss all the people I got to know.
I just miss everything.
This entire trip has really touched me (no matter how gay that sounds I don't care!).

So many new friendships have been made.Older ones have been made stronger.After 2 solid weeks of waking up and seeing only them everyday,it's so different now to NOT see them.

Not to mention the kids and people I met during this trip.
They have nothing as compared to us. And yet they have no complains.

Cai Zi Di Village.

Long Xing Village.

(There are more pictures.I haven't recieved alot more! The rest are in my Facebook! Crazy you want me to upload all here!?)

I was admitted in hospital for a night.
For dysentery I think.
You know me,I will swallow anything!
My first time being admitted and it was in China!
But I had so many people taking care of me.
I felt so pampered and cared for!
Not to mention I felt like I lost half my body weight in water just through the diarrhea!
Serious it was that bad!
I fainted after my last toilet journey...
And so yeah,that was the start of the hospital journey.
Coupled with severe cramps everywhere,tsk tsk,I say,it was an experience unlike any other.
The were funny times.
Like when the nurse or doctors comes in,they would go " Ou Ni ah, blablabla"
When they blabla I go sleep again.
Or when I went to the hospital toilet.
No door!
No cubicles.
But got flush!
(I think if I were to take a dump with other people I would be okay with it :P )

But there is just so much more I just want to say out.
But I can't remember.
I'll wait till I get the rest of the pictures.

Till then,these are what's on my mind.

Let's see here.
Things have been so different there.
I miss the waking up and wishing everyone.
I miss washing your face and brushing your teeth in icy cold water.
I miss the " not having to take a bath" for almost 4 days because it was so cold and nobody actually cared!
I miss not having to sweat for the entire 2 weeks! (Accept when I was rampaged by the kids on Long Xing!).
I miss the times when we would all cook our food together.
I miss the awesome time we had at the river.
I miss journeys through the mountains.
I miss all the bargaining we did! (From 150 yuan to 25 yuan? Beautiful)
I miss the accompanying to toilet because we just needed company! HAHA!
But most of all...

I miss all the times we had just being there.
I miss the times we just laughed SO LOUD cause we were having just such a great time.
I miss the caring for each other cause everyone went sick here and there.
I just miss it badly.

And now tomorrow,the new terms starts.
A confirmation that normal robotic life starts again.
I dread normal life.
It's just so monotone.

I want to go back there.

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