I just came back from the BBQ at the Shin's place.
I feel damn fat now after eating so much.
I ate like what,25 otak?!
Then played this great game,which I don't know the name.
And took Night Rider home.For the very first time.
Yeah,from one corner of Yishun to another.
Like wow.

Yesterday,went to Wild Wild Wet with Jason,Danny and Leonard!

My first time there.
We had a BLAST!
Or splash..
The sad thing was that we didn't have much time there.
Ended school and rushed all the way there.
Yishun to Pasir Ris not near you know.
In the end,only had around 2 hours there.
But it was worth it.
Tried almost all the rides at least once.
Can't wait to go back there.

Dinner at Nihon Mura.

And boring but fun and noisy ride on the kiddy Ferris wheel.

And yeah,camwhored in class too.
As usual.
Actually,we just wanted to waste Shah's new phone's memory.
And since I love camwhoring,what the heck?!

I had to cut my wonderful fringe.
I miss it so.

But you know what they say.
It's just hair.It'll grow back!

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