Hella yeah.

Okay,about the I shall update you about my wonderful China trip part....I shall update another day yeah?

(Despite the fact I lose weight there! Also due to my hospital stay -_-)

I was very smart.
Even though I brought a camera..I used everyone else's cameras to take photos.
So,all the photo's I have taken are distributed so unevenly among so many people.
So yeah,that's the plain truth.
(I was lazy to use my own camera)

Instead,I shall update about something else that has happened in my life.
I left DLCC!
(Uhh a church?)
Yeah.I've been there for as long as I can remember.
I'm not sad that I'm no longer there.
It's rather the opposite.

It's so refreshing to come back from overseas to a whole new start.
Even though it's sad,to leave some friends behind and forget a place like that, it's still something that is worth.
Sad,that I won't be able to see some people every week anymore.
But hey,Singapore is small!

I am ecstatic now!

A chapter is closed! (like finally!)
A new one is about to be opened!

More details on China soon yeah!

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