So today,was a rather unexpecting day.
I was supposed to meet Jason at 9am to do up our logbook and project and pictures for the China trip.
Then on the way there,I got a call.

"Hello Othniel ah,you do remember you have to be in school today?"
Oh shit...
"Ah Mdm Choo?! I forgot!?"

So called Syaiful down,and well,we really didn't do much.
But we ran away from ITE Yishun.

Anyways,since most of the day's plans were ruined for all of us,we decided to make do with what we have.
So,I wasn't able to get any pictures of the trip.
Another delay.
In the end,we just met up to do the logbook.
Met Jason for dinner.We ate New York New York.

And went to Macs to try to finish the logbook.

Which we didn't.
But it was still a good day all in all.

Oh,by the way,I got A for all my modules.
And my GPA is now 3.77.
Kiss that!

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