Life always throw you a curveball. 
A couple of lemons. 
A thunderstorm. 

I like to think that life without any worries or hiccups really isn't life at all. 
But then again, smooth sailing is just so appealing. 

National Service is just such one of such circumstances. 
With 6 months left, it's like a hurricane loosing is power. 
Still present, still dangerous, but not as destructive as before. 

Many tell me to just let it go. Just do it. 
It's your duty. Your job. 

Well horseshit to all that. 

It comes down to the basic analogy. 
Just because you feel or think this way does not mean I should too. 

This weekend alone has taught me how much of a facade this whole thing is. 
This is the epitome of redundancy. 

You use your brains, creativity and imagination and you get hollered back for trying to be stuck up or not following the rules or trying to be too smart. 

Basically you get shit thrown back at your face. 

When you decide that it ain't worth it and just go with the flow, you're accused of being too lazy, no effort, no initiative and no motivation and drive. 

Basically, you still get shit thrown back into your face. 

It's a vicious depressing cycle of such sad proportions. 
There's so much talent, energy, motivation, and hardwork going to waste.

I've had it upto here with shit. 
I'm here, sitting in a Starbucks waiting for my Medical Appointment for Physiotherapy. 

Cause I wanted to be somebody and all that hardwork only resulted in an injured neck and pain. 

It's funny how much inspiration I had in the first six months can turn to so such disgust as it is now. 

But hey, I'm sitting in this quiet cozy corner of an empty Starbucks having a Rosemary Chicken and Emmentel Croissant and nice hot cup of Coffee. 

And I could really get used to this. 

Goodbye motivation. 
I'll use you where it's really worthwhile. 

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