The Makeover.

Time flies by when you're in green. 

This break has been by far the longest time I've been able to be at home ever since enlisting. 
So taking all opportunity, I finally got my ass up to do up my room.


You know, it's so hard cause all you have is your weekends on a normal basis and you wanna spend time with family and go out with your friends and loved ones and have a LIFE. 

And be alone in your room by yourself with yourself cause that's all the alone time you ever gonna get during these two years. 

So that kinda sums up most weekends.
Which results in no time for doing anything for your room design wise. 

My room is my haven. 
My fortress. 
My Utopia. 
I can do whatever I want in there. 
Be whoever I want to be. 

It used to be alive with aquariums and hamsters! 
Plants growing everywhere. 
A total jungle my parents and friends would say.  
And I miss that. 
And yes my room is extremely important to me. 

Well 6 more FUCKING months!
And everything will be back to normal.   

So what did I manage to accomplish with my lazy and procrastinating ass?
(Well as much as I wanted the room to get done I just wanted to lie on the couch and stone into blank space just as much too.)

First, got myself some new binds. 
Very much an Ikea person here.
Just love the simplicity it carries. 

Got a new coat of paint too. Finally got rid of that nasty white which has been around ever since I came back to Singapore. 

It's called Smokey Pearl? Or something like that. 
Very much in love with it. 😁

Couldn't have done it without the help of Sharlini though. 
Perks of having friends so nearby who are willing to help paint your room in the middle of the night. ✌️

Fixed some new shelves up too.

Kinda changing everything to a black and  dark color. 
Funny how dark color brightens my mood. 

Yup! That's what I've been able to accomplish. 
Will update more when everything is all up and dandy. 

As usual I left home with a tornado hit room and very frustrated  parents.

I can't wait to be home again. 
As in permanently home. 

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