All right.
So I decided to change the whole layout and everything.

Which I feel is something my life needs right now.
A whole new change and outlook.
A fresh direction.

Just something fresh and new.
That's all I need.

It's still needs lotsa work done though.
So don't get all judgy and critical.

It's less than ninety days till I leave National Service.
A part of me has been longing for this. Waiting patiently for this moment.

Another part (which wasn't there two years ago) dreads the end of a the "simple" life.

I feel like I'm now a sitting duck waiting to get shot once I'm out.

The financial stability is gone.

But then again, it's good to come home every night and sleep on your bed.

Good to carry on with your life.

To do what you want to do without the constant nagging of redundant and irrelevant responsibilities.

I want to meet my wonderful friends.
I want to spend time with my family.
I want to spend time with the people I love.
On and in our own time and pace.
And to not cramp everything in two days.

I want to keep aquariums again.

Heck I even wanna go dancing again.

And I want to get back into the kitchen again.

This, is the my Beer Crockpot Chicken.
Which I managed to find the time for to cook for my family.
Maybe I should blog about that..

What do ya think?


Let the new vibes start flowing in!

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