Death and Impulse.

Life has been hectic.
October has been one hell of a month.
And I would say, the worst of this year so far.

So much has happened.
So much good, and so much sad and bad.

Well, first, school really has been a bitch.
This semester actually isn't that very bad though.
It just boils down to the fact that I still have programming to do.
Everyone in the milky way knows Gaijin and programming just do not mix.
But then, everyone also knows, I will pull through in the end.

Everyday is just a robotic routine of going through the routines...
And panicking when common tests and assignments and projects comes in.
But then again, isn't that what school is all about?

Anyway, let me start with the saddest of all shit that happened since my last post.

Joobs passed away...

It was so sudden.
I remember that day perfectly.
It was one of them mornings where I woke up pretty early naturally.
It was 6ish?
I gave him his favourite...celery.
Added in a few carrots, and refreshed the goodie pile.
Played with him for awhile, then put him back.
Added more bathing sand and was off to school!

He was happy, and being the usual crazy little hamster, forever on the wheel.

I came home, and I thought he will be at the wheel or just sleeping.
And I  couldn't find him!
Until I saw his still body on the hay.

I honestly have no idea why or how he died.
I just sat there for an hour thinking what I could have done wrong.
And upto now, I still couldn't think of any.
I have no idea.

So after a burial, I just left his cage there.
For days, I couldn't bring myself to clean it.

Until like a week, I finally got around to it.
My father was damn cute.
He asked if I needed help to assemble it back together.
Even now, his empty cage just sits there.

And I still long to have his rattles on the wheel in the middle of the night.

I don't want another hamster.
I don't want to go through another loss.

I don't know. Is my hectic life affecting my pets?

I can't afford to upkeep my fish tanks now too.
Cutting down to just two tanks.

Maybe I'll just start having that little herb garden that I always wanted to have.

I wish I had more time, more money, and more love to share.

Well, that's the pinnacle of my sadness so far.
There are tons more of shit, but nah, it's not worth mentioning.
Besides, aren't sad shit supposed to be forgotten as soon as possible?

On a lighter note, I finally got around to getting something done that I've always wanted to do.
I usually need a kick to just go with my sudden impulsion and guts.
And with Miss Dorothy Tang!
So finally, Gaijin did it.

Well another thing at school that has been taking up majority of my time, is dance.
Yes, in light of the upcoming musical, dancing has been somewhat of a lifeline these few weeks.
I got ballroom and stage arts side by side.
Boy am I excited!
I am still.
But my body is kinda dead?
Yeah quite dead,

The long hours of stressful school coupled by long straining hours of dancing and not much sleep has cause a ripple of effects on me.
I got the sick.

It kinda got bad.........
I actually went to get an MC.. and wasted money on my own accord on Monday.
So yeah, that's how bad it actually got.
But oh well, this weekend was a good one for me.
Power napped on both Saturday and Sunday and I kinda feel recharged for the week ahead.

It's awesome dancing latin now I would say.
For rhumba, me partner is le beautiful Miss Alicia!

It has awesome dancing with her!
I am so ecstatic to be having the opportunity to improve with her.
She is the longest person by far, that I've been dancing with.
I needed that kick!

And yeah hip hop for stage arts has been awesome too.
A struggle at first, but totally getting the hang of it now.

Wanna know what's my schedule like for dance?

Monday : Ballroom.
Tuesday: Stage Arts
Weds: Both.
Thursday: Stage Arts
Sat: Both.

God bless me.

Well, I did end my hectic week days with an awesome get together with the fellow PolyForum peeps.
I will always love this bunch of people.
It's always just pure laughter and happiness whenever we meet.
And I am so lucky to have some in NYP.

We had a scrumptious dinner.

And as usual, retarded cam-whoring.


It's just pleasant times like this that just perks your energy and happiness way up.

And for last night, my family actually agreed to have KFC!

Yeah, it's an extremely rare occasion to have fast food, even so delivered to the home!
All I can say is, there is still a ton of remainders in the fridge.
Might be a long long time till we order again.

All in all, life is still a roller-coaster.
A pretty unsuspecting one.
I just live it.
Day by day.
Enjoying the awesome downs.
Patiently waiting for the long ups.
And recovering from all the bloody nausea.

And I still love you all!

Oh btw, and to you.

Yes you.

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