The return.

Hey hey hey.

Well, what can I say.

I always say I'll be back and all that blabla shit.
But that's all just bull crap isn't it.

Musical, open house, assignment and projects, work, CCA, yes they are the reasons for my long standing hiatus.
No excuse there.
Just plain exhaustion.

Well, then, it's already 2012!
2011 is long gone.
I would say 2011 was somewhat all right.

But then again 2012 is NOW.

And it's going to be an awesome year.

I already got my get away all straight out,
And it's gonna be a damn long one.

I am just gonna drop every single bullshit behind and just enjoy myself over there,
And that's the ONLY thing I am looking forward to so far.

And I don't give a damn about what's left behind.
What's meant to rot, will rot.

2012 didn't really start that well.
And sadly, it's something that I joined that was supposed to bring my joy.
But nah, it just had to be a bitch and start shit in the start of the year.
Which just kept me thinking, is it that worth it?
I should have just walked away long ago, before all these attachments and guilt built up.
But then again we learn don't we?
But still fuck it.
I hope it's burned to the ground when I'm back.

Well then, here I am typing it all down.
Exams and tons of tests round the corner.
I am still not sure of my life and future profession.
But who knows.

Typing all these down just reminds me how much I miss RockMyCore.
This used to be the place that I pour everything out.
And just tell those haters how awesome my life is.
Even with all this bullshit, my life is still awesome.

Well, yesterday, finally met up with Dot and Yeh.
It's sad.
That the two closest friends I had in church no longer are with me.
Sundays are not the same.

We finally got the our schedules right to chow down on that coupon!
Went to this cozy little place at Katong.
Leonard's Place is it's name.

The deal was $10 bucks for a choice of BBQ Ribs/Roasted Chicken with Rice, Soup and free flow Salad Bar.
Okay seriously, anything with a free flow salad bar is fine by me.

 Everything was just so homey.
Food was great, the salad was just amazing.
I mean they had tons of olives and turnips and olives.
Olives rocks my socks.

I mean for a tiny little restaurant, it did do a great job.
And the price, oh my gosh.

Either way, we had fun catching up and just talking bout everything under the sun and laughing our asses off.
Then it was a nice stroll with coffee down at East Coast Park.
I would say it was a perfect way to end my somewhat of a long holiday.

Even though I spent most of my holiday time working my ass off.
All for the greater good.

Besides, I need get tons of stuff for my disappearing act.

Excitement is building up inside.

March people.


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