Slow down. Be around.

I don’t really know who I am anymore, and what I want anymore. I’m not the person I always thought I was, and I’ve completely lost sight of the person I’ve always aimed of becoming. What are my goals and ambitions anymore.. and what ever happened to the passion and willpower to pursue them? I feel myself gradually becoming this empty, unproductive person aimlessly chasing things that only my mind feels logical, without any heart to really back it up. What’s been up with me?

Yes hello..
A very emotional start to a blog post long over due.

Life has been... well I just don't know how to out my finger on it.
Busy is an understatement.

As of now this very minute, I got this horrible sore throat, splitting headache, and annoying cough.
I'm sitting in lab, learning about domains, DNS servers, and gateways.

I've got dance practice later.
Which is no exception as I have dance every night.
For what?
NYP's Musical.
And horror me shadows, I'm doing hip hop too.

I rarely have time to work now.
Which means my resources are kinda tight.

This is my life now.

I don't know.
Am I really happy studying all this.
Well the answer is obvious.

Till then my friends, I'll just hope for the best.

And my dear RockMyCore...


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