I am 20.
Two decades.

I don't want to start the whole process of saying "how time flies" and "see how far I've come"

I am back!
In lieu of the flu and the cough.
Sorry my AWESOME blog.
I had a very hectic few weeks! And it's good to be back to only thing that understands me.

Let's start with the fact that I am a year older.
I remember last year, exactly on my birthday, how different life was.
I woke up late, rushed all the way to the subway, and went for my first class ever, in Hong Kong!
(Speaking of which, I really do miss Hong Kong! I would kill to go back!)
How different life was a year ago.

I am happy this year.
I would say I had one of my best birthdays ever.
Quiet Simple and Beautiful.

Had dinner with family on the eve, and woke up late on the special day!
I had most of the day to think about myself.
I just sat on my couch and let my mind go all scofield on myself.
Reflection is always good.
And birthdays are one the best days to do that.
I feel so new now.

Then, had a simple dinner with the gang at Sizzler.
The salad bar is the comfort jizz man.
And then Nic and Prak surprised with the creamy oreo cheese mooncake.
Seriously, wasn't that bad.

So that was my birthday this year.

Oh don't worry, next year would be special!
Watch out!

Well last week was an awesome week for me.
I had 2 camps straight back to back.

First was OBS, and right after that, was Ballroom Camp.

All right OBS.

Every Singaporean should atleast go once in their lifetime!
It is an experience you can't find anywhere else.
I have become stronger as a person, and my mind is now broader.
And best of all, I enjoyed every second of it!
It's cool to have people you have seen in school be in your group and be friends!
It's just damn cool.
Those 4 days would forever be imprinted in my heart.

Now, the best part about OBS was EVERYTHING!
From waking up at 5am everyday to the early morning exercises to the long trekking and the rafting and the camping!
It was just awesome!
How I wish I could do it all over again.

OH OH! One the highlights was swimming in the quarry!
There's this surge of thrilling adrenaline when I went in!
The fact that I can see the bottom, knowing that it's like 100 plus feet deep really did shiver me!
Which made it even better when I jumped in!
And it was the tip of one of the best parts of my life!

Beautiful isn't it?

We were the only group that got to go!

And then, Ballroom Camp!
Fun and more fun!
I love Ballroom and I couldn't ask for a better CCA.
It was the perfect way to end the entire week.
Non-stop dancing is a remedy honestly.

Right now, a part of me just wants to stay home and just LEPAK.
But another part wants me to go out and earn some dough.
All right. I shall start on tuesday.
And I am going to continue to work when school starts.
All part of my new school plan!

I need to get my freak on soon.
Gaijin has to show the world what he's made of!

I love you world!
I'm a happy big headed guy yo!

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