I can't cope.
Yeah, I dug my own self willowing grave.
Thank God for Vesak Day.
I got a whole day of rest and studying.

Why do I always kill myself with the things I do?
We humans are the only beings capable of knowing what is perfectly good and bad for us.
And yet we just tend to do the latter.
Like me, I always tend to do things that are not fit.
I have been so accustomed to being a bloody night owl, that I refuse to change, right down till my feathers are dying off.

There are so many things I wanna do.
Yet, I can't mange them.
And I am already affected.

Well tonight, I am going to atleast try to change that.
I'm switching off my phone, turning off my laptop, kiss my fishys, hamster and family "good night" and going to SLEEP.

This is like the earliest time I have ever slept.

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