I finally got a medal.

So yes, another week has passed.
Just like that.
Most of the time, I was either busy studying, or just bloody SHAGGED out.
But besides that, this week has been the best of the best of wonderful things to come.

Let's start of first, with the main highlight of my week.

My ITE Graduation!

Hallelujah am I happy!
Two years of hard work had accumulated into this ONE day.
I just need to thank God for this.
I even got awarded the Course Medalist!
Wooo damn!

It was just one of those days in your life that you would never forget!

And I am so going to MISS CM1K even more.
Though we all have moved on with our lives, those two years will always stay embedded in our minds.

The other first of a long continuation this week...

My first CG from Campus Crusade.
I know you are stalking me Daniel, so this is for you!

And my first ever Ballroom practice.

But with so much things to do, I just don;t how long I can cope.
I know I can.
Unless I take something more. ( I was intending to join the Ambassador team)
I miss working at Quiznos.
It has been almost two weeks since I have been there.

A new week is upon us.
And whole new lotta hell awaits me.


Oh, and I LOVE NYP!

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