In light of the releasing O level results, it dawned on me that I got a lot of competition for Poly.
It also dawned on me that the time I most feared has come back to haunt me again.

I've had a very long battle with applications.
(especially those that are associated with education)
That's the old fear coming back.
The old insecurities.
Anger and frustration.

But then again, there is this little flicker of hope , that wasn't there before, assuring me, in it's little way that things might actually work out in the end.
I can't take another disappointment.
Nor will I accept one.

This is my last semester.
With a Final Project and two more core modules.
What do I have to lose but try my hardest?
It's only 9 weeks!

I feel so screwed that I am late everyday.
Today being the worst.
It's time for change.

I need to get my priorities and responsibilities straight.
Besides all I have done this week is playing Plant Vs Zombies. (Me and the whole class)

I am scared.
Truth be told.

Strength I need through prayer,I must.
Fix my goals, straight to what's important, is first.

Though, I am happy these days.
For some reason or the other.

I just love the fact that my life is never boring or monotone.
There's always something keeping my mind burning and stressing.

Right now, besides my bloody education, I need to look for a job.
A stable one.
Help me please.

And Dear Lord, at the end of the day, I will still look to you and you alone.
I promise!

The first photo taken since the semester started.
Quick eh?
Trust me, tons more to come!

I like my new style of blogging,
It irks even the most minuscule part of me.

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