This has been very long.
The sad thing is,is that once I'm done with a heavy duty week, (flu and all),I am right on track with another even more hectic week.

I can't seem to think straight anymore.
I'm on a roll of perfection I cannot comprehend.
I'm saying yes to everything when I should say no.
Doing things which I would normally just forgo.
I am becoming to nice already.

Whatever my teacher throws at me,I just take.
I never said no.
And now I suffer,for all the "voluntary" things I sign up for.
I mean yeah,do whatever it takes to get you to poly,but I think I went wrong somewhere down that route.
Being teacher's pet isn't fun anymore.
I can't cope with the ever going school work,the assignments,the projects,the voluntary work,the extra modules and all !

My eyes are forever in the half droopy phase.

Actually right.
I'm just tired.
Tired with school.
Tired with people.
They can be so fucked up sometimes.(Most of the time actually.)
Decided not to care as usual.

Ok,enough with the regulars.

I said yes to this project/competition.
Seems very interesting though.
Create a marketing strategy to market a foreign good in a foreign country.
The thing that drew me to this competition was of course the cash prize,and the exposure.
Exposure my ass!
I just want the money.
It's regional.
Means I got to compete with people from SE Asia!
If I get through the first 2 rounds that is..
So now,I am going to spend every day out late trying to get this proposal done professionally.
Plus it's marketing!
Totally off from my field of study..which is how to send email??
Just think of that money.

Speaking of money,
I am going on a mission/community trip to Thailand next month!
Quick huh.
First China,now Thailand!
Not cool on my bank account though.
I am totally financially drained.
It would be nice if anyone could help.
HINT:This is a rather somber plea.
Just think of the Pad Thai la.

I am stressed.
So stressed until it's so a part of me.
I can just stare at a monitor for 2 minutes and fall asleep.
Ask my module mates.
They were so shocked I was asleep in 2 minutes sitting up straight.
Even I had no idea!
It's like second nature.
To walk around with a frown.
And to be immersed in thoughts I don't even know what about.

I didn't wanna fall in love with you
I didn't wanna know the things I knew
It wasn't till I looked into the mirror

Sugarbabes- Denial. Good song.

I'm off to go destroy myself.
This is how my brain feels like right now.

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