I am stressed.
Well,I wish it was better than last week.
But no.
It's even worse!

Here's my dilemma.
I got 4 on-going projects now.

The first is a must,which is my LifeSkill project.
No choice for that one. It's MAJOR.

The second,and third rather, are my Poly module individual and team assignments.
The problem is,I don't have that damn AUTOCAD software.
It kills me everytime! (But it would sure look good on me report card!)
I have to go all the dreadful journey to Singapore Poly,just to practice and to do those bloody projects.
Now,I need to go there as much as I can to practice as much as I can.As much as I hate it.

Now thirdly,the FedEx challenge, which I took part.
Very stoked about it.
It's something so different! Exciting
So out of my league and field!
And that's the thing that's driving me crazy.
I know nuts about the subject!
Time consuming!
Driving me crazy with unknowingness of it all!

And here is the best part!

They are all due on the same day!!!
The 12th of June!

So yeah,I am so stoked that I have out-done myself by trying to be a smartass for taking anything that comes my way,thinking that it would get me far academically,but killing me physically slooowly.
And it's those very slow painful excruciating kinda deaths you know.
Kudos Othniel.You really killed yourself.

Okay then.What's new?

Went for GDOP yesterday.
Something I would never ever do,in my right mind,but,I really would have regretted if i didn't.
So yes,I am happy with myself.

Oh! And I got a new goldfish!
A Calico Ryukin! Beautiful!

My class nowadays is turning messy.I don't like it.Me don't like misunderstanding gone wrong.It's just....wrong.I do hope it would work out.

And I'm craving for fries now.

So I leave you all now with a video of my wonderful fish.
Don't roll your eyes!

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