Greetings everyone.
This post is just to inform you that I'm still alive and kicking!
On a chair that is,trying hard to study and cramp alot of knowledge into this skull of mine.
At the same time with a nice cup (or jug) of tea.
I'll be back as usual once my exams finish.
On Friday the 13th!

Anyways,just a little that's got me craving.
Went to Popeye's at T3 on Wednesday with my class for a round of studying (yeah right).
Expensive for their tiny pieces of chicken,but quite enjoyable.
Especially their biscuits.
And their sides.Cheaper than anywhere else,and better too!
Next time I go,I'm just having the sides!

Best of all,I love their Rice and Red Beans.Nice!

Now,back to studying.
Sad that Jessie didn't get into top 12.But that Anoop got in.
Like wth?!

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