One exam down!
I am rather pleased with my performance.

Classmates met up earlier for a rather intense round of studying.
Went to Macs then the Library.
So well,it all went well.
Will miss Liying.
She was such a great teacher!

So now,just one left on Friday the 13th!
Then,I'm off to give myself a nice treat.
(Or alot of nice treats!)
All my days of hard work and studying has finally paid off!

Anyways,Pastor Pauline cooked this super nice dish!
With pork,salted fermented mustard,and salted mustard and chilli!!
I finished it all!
Good food always last...and leaves a lasting impression!
Thanks Pastor Pauline!

Oh,and I rebonded my fringe!
Watch out!

And I want get this Lady GaGa shades t-shirt!
It's sooooo chic!
I mean cool!

Well,right now there is this very old guy who is sooo jealous of me and my blog.
Or is he just jealous of me.
I'm straight and right to the point okay..
Old man,you are so old!
You are old.Deal with it.
Grow up childish bum!

I am happy with my life.
Since your's suck,don't get it out on me!

(Back to tons of green tea,books,earl grey,notes and chamomile!)

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