I wonder why that whenever a child does something,the parents are always to answer and blame.
The child does something wrong,the parents never bring him up properly.
The child decides to do something,parents don't teach good values.
The child behaves badly,parents are negligent.

But,if a child gets results with flying colors,people won't say " WOW,your parents really encouraged you!" or "Your parents really spent money on tuition for you!"
That will never happen.
Parents only get credited for the bad things their children do.
I feel it's so unfair.
If the child is good,well,the parent isn't considered.
They forget who pays the school fees,the tuition,the allowance,the bills and all.
And they also forget that parents also sacrifice alot for their kids.
And they brought them into the world.
Why don't parents get credit for their children's achievements rather than their mishaps or mistakes or behavior.

Why doesn't it occur to them that sometimes people do things because they WANT to do it...and it has nothing to do with their parents?
Everyone should be accountable for his own mistakes.And be blamed for it as well.
Nobody else must ever take the blame for them.Unless it's a movie.
Nobody should be blamed for the wrong doings of another person.
Sometimes,people are just so steeped in stupidity and ego that they can even think properly.

Oh,and it's so sad to find out that Jade Goody has terminal cancer and is given like what,weeks or months to live.
So sad!
No more outrageous antics anymore.
But then again,it just shows how life can just take such a drastic turn.

Anyways,back to my wonderful life!

I got my jabs.
It's for typhoid and don't know what else.
Going to get the tetanus shot next week!
The only thing I dread is the long journey to Marine Parade.
Yeah I know Singapore is small,but why don't you try cutting class half way and go to the other side of the country (in school uniform mind you) in erratic weather and crowded public transport.
Nor am I one to complain..but yes,I am human,it's my nature.
Besides that,I am just so excited about the trip!
China you know!
I can't wait!
It's so close now.Just next month.
How time will sure fly.

Well,exams are near,so I won't be wasting time blogging about every single thing that happens.
So,only a regular updates from now onwards.
Till then everyone,drive safe!

PS:I am in a pissed mood.

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