HAve yourself,a MegaMac!

Let's face it.There is always a time point in time when one gets so caught up with things that they forget everything else.
Every start of the new year,it's the same old thing.
There's always a decrease in blogging.
Life goes back to it's boring monotonous lifestyle.And I have fallen into the Singaporean "kiasu" robotic lifestyle mode.
And as usual,the new year brings in things that aren't really new to begin with.
It's the things you dread,like waking up dreadfully early in the morning,studying and that robotic lifestyle that in my case,goes like this:

Alarm clock cranks,wakes up and turns it off.
15 minutes later,phone alarm rings,finally wakes up.
Stares around the room for awhile.(thinking why the night was so short.)
Checks face for any blemishes that popped up overnight. (Vain. SO?)
Checks all aquariums and admires his wonderful fish!...and feeds them!
Feeds and admires hamsters!
Takes a nice refreshing bath.
Gets ready for class.
Looks at clock and realizes I took too much time to get ready.
Rushes down all the way to the bus stop.( literally run!)
Gets to ITE Yishun.
Have fun at ITE Yishun.
Hangs out with classmates after classes.
Goes home.(damn late already)
Tries to squeeze in some work outs or a jog.(serious!)
Cleans up.
Checks on fishes and hamsters again.
And finally lies on the bed and tries to catch up on school work.
Which results in me waking up the next morning and cycle goes on again.Tsk.

So yeah,it's very robotic.Even on weekends!
On Saturday,it's either work and work till damn late or hang out.
And on Sunday is dragging myself to church and then go out or (and finally) some R&R for myself.Which usually doesn't happen because I have to prepare for the week ahead.Damn.

There is nothing much to blog about now.Since everything is the same old thing everyday.No big outing or important event or something happening in life at the moment.

Well,anything new?

I've had 2 new additions to my Betta family. So now,I got 4 beautiful bettas.I've always felt more of a closer connection to my Bettas and my goldfishes.Because each of them is one of a kind.I love them all.

I bought him once I put I laid eyes on him! He was the only white one there,surrounded by all other colors swimming around,vying for my attention.He had shades of pink on his finage and blue on his body with speckles of blue all over! A beauty! I feel so happy I got him.

Now here is another beautiful guy.Isaiah's dad gave it to me when I stayed over at his place.What I love about him is his metallic color which literally shines with all the colors of the rainbow.And I dont lie!

What makes him special is that at certain angles in light or in dim light,he turns to a sexy black and pink! See! Same betta! I no lie!

And these are my other 2 bettas.Beautiful in their own right!

And my goldfish!
(Sorry for the poor quality!)

I am also happy that Northpoint has a Komala's chain at the foodcourt! I am so happy that I can have my indian comfort food without the Singaporeans messing with the ingredients. But then again,it's not perfect! Why? The price here is like 100 times more expensive than in India!
Looks like comfort is flying out the window..

And I've been really going out and getting myself fit.I jogged from Kathib to Sembawang ok! And I got a a scar to remember it by!

And.............I am going to China!!
Yup! For a community overseas project.
Heading to Hunan province to Kunming and to a Longling village.
It's in March! And oh boy I can't wait!

I'm a happy boy!
And a tired one too!

I going to Sentosa tommorrow!
Gonna get darker!


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