So,Sentosa on Friday was great!
For once,we had the entire beach to ourselves!
It was so peaceful,so pristine,so relaxing!
And the waters were so clean!
Like we just set shore on an untouched island....except for the lifeguards.
It was nice to not have people walking behind and in front of you.Or freaks shrieking around splashing in the water,or bimbos screaming that the waters too cold! All disturbers of the peace!

After that,we went on window shopping rampage which from Bugis saw us dreadfully tired at FarEast.Bumped into Kirsten and Becky.Been a long time since I saw them.Kirsten still thinks she is fat.Tsk Tsk.Never change.
We finally settled down at Clarke Quay for a few drinks and nice bonding time.
I had no idea Singapore has a Hooters joint.
Wow Hooters!

And today went to Sakura with Pearle.
Sakura is like our favourite eating place and we always end up eating the same old thing.
Tom yam soup,lemon chicken and sambal belachan.
Pearle Goh,I still love you the very same I was.
One year has passed by so fast since our first Sakura feast together!
I may be different,but I still love you the same.

I forgot to put my copy-righted logo on my pictures in my last post.
Oblivious me.

And I just ordered more contact lenses.
How on earth did my previous ones tear after 3 weeks?!

I got a huge craving for Lousiana Pork Ribs now.

Someone stab me!

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