I'm back!!...



So what was I doing when the clock striked 12?

In the toilet at church.Looking at myself with one green eye getting my hair in place..that is Marcus by the way.

I did wish I was at some party or maybe turned into a pumpkin.Spring is coming.Orange seems to be getting into fashion lately.Sarcasm.I really hated spending my New Year in church.

Back to the real world.
Malaysia was great!
As expected I did put on 6 kgs.I got a few pimples on me face.I bought alot of stuff as usual.
From the time I entered my cousin's place,I was eating non-stop till it was time to sleep.It was Christmas eve dinner somemore.You have no idea how much food and beer there was! I only stopped eating at around 3am.So,yes,with unending food all day long,especially such GOOD food,no surprise I put on weight.And I dont mind.It was all worth it!
Well weight can be lost again!
So here are just a few pictures from my trip.
I couldn't take pictures of all the food I ate.There was just too much of it and well,most of the time I was just too busy eating!
All I have posted are important things.And nothing else.

My grand-aunty's dog..Mothy!! Cute as hell! He's old and yet so lovable.And he doesn't need a leash! (:

Food!! The only ones worth eating.As you all know,Singapore is a paradise for instant,disgusting,mass-manufactured food! Let me feast your eyes on my favourites!

Mee Rebus.On the hill whose name I forgot.It's the famous hill cemetery.Full of dead bodies and the biggest cemetery in the world and a world heritage site.Imagine that! And that little stall sells the best Mee Rebus I have ever tasted!..right next to a tombstone! Now you know why I don't eat Mee Rebus in Singapore.It fucking sucks!!

Chendol!! Also at the same cemetery.Heard there are better ones,but so far for me,it's my favourite!

Remember my previous post on babi pongteh? LOOK!! The best of it (nonya style of course) from my grand-aunt! The best in the world of course! I finished the whole thing damn it!

......and also her Devil Curry! Sorry for the bad picture! I swallowed the entire pot and realized only on my last plate! HAHA!

And of course,my uncle's restaurant's Comando Chips! Made with fries,with onions,anchovies and lots and lots of chilli!!

Food in Singapore is seriously bluek.No life in the food.All tastes the same.I never really enjoyed food here.I did when I got back from India (well hello? India!!) .Now,I get sick of the unhealthy food here.Just eat your fill in Malaysia and just don't eat here.Simple.

And one reason why I love Malaysia is just that is so breezy with wide open spaces and slow going lifestyle.Unlike the craziness and hustle of Singapore.Just look at my cousin's place!! It's like Wisteria Lane! Damn!

New Year!
So bloody fast.
I don't like making resolutions because I won't really fulfill them anyways.
But I really would like to reflect on wonderful 2008.

2008 has really been a hell of a roller-coaster ride for me,in more ways imaginable.I won't deny the fact that I have grown so much emotionally,mentally and in every other aspect available to me.
I have experienced so much in such a short span,that I would say 2008 has really been my year of reckoning.From the beginning of the year till the very last few days,I have learned so much more about this life I am living.Still more learning to come,but I just have to say that 2008 has changed me as a person.
With my outlook on life.
With my relationship with people. (Oh,definitely on that one).I can't lie,but I have met ALOT of funny and disturbing characters in 2008 alone.Some were just clueless idiots.Others however were good/great/best friends whose relationships I treasured,watched just crumble and wither away.Sad.I do treasure friendships.And it always hurts me to see it just disappear.
Well,coming back to the part where I've said I've grown,I no longer cherish strong friendships anymore.Or any close relationship for that matter.Realized it just wasn't worth it.Like I said,2008 has taught me that the only person you can hold on to,is yourself.Like I experienced so many times last year (but never let it hit me in the head hard) is that "friends" actually desert you when you need them the most,or the apparent "friends" who just turn around and back stab you.So,for the sake of my well-being,I don't bother getting out and trying to be nice to everyone for the sake of "friendship".Fuck it!
And for those people who really "taught" me what "friendship" was really about,I just want to thank you.For you had some part in making who I am today.And I appreciate it truly......even though I hate you assholes and revenge is a dish best served cold.
And well with me.
I got closer to myself this year.So much closer.

With that..
I am going out to enjoy 2009 come sorrows or joy!
Damn I put on 6 kgs

Remember! Revenge is a dish best served cold! Icy cold!

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