The Chinese New Year holidays has come to an end.
How I wished I were back in Malacca.
But who am I to complain.Besides,I already put on alot of weight.
And I did get a couple of ang paus. Teehee.

But I would get so much more if in Malacca but nevermind.

I didn't take much pictures because it was all food.And lots of old people.
I was just too lazy to take pictures.And even if I did,I'm just too lazy to upload them now.
I am so pissed that it's only 2 days of holiday.Should be more.
The 25% chinese in me is crying out for more holiday!
So does the 50% indian on Diwali.
Anyways,life is always unfair.

Life is still the same.
I am going to reorder the left flank of my room.
Since, I karang-guni go and take 2 huge 2 feet aquariums home,I need to have the means to support them.
I planned on transferring my tropical tank to this beautiful huge tank and put tons of fish in there.
Until I realized I need a new shelf and space to do it.
So no choice,it's all for the sake of the fishes!
I know alot of you are shaking your heads in dismay.
"Stuuuupid boy,just for fish go and get new shelf and change the room! Tsk Tsk."
Let me explain to you.
1.To get an aquarium of this size is expensive.I don't get it why Singaporeans can just throw away such an expensive thing! 2 somemore! So being the that I am,I can't let an oppurtunity like this to pass by.Besides,I've always begged God for some to drop from the sky.And now they have!
2.The concept for a tropical tank usually needs big space for those tiny fishes to swim around.A tropical tank needs aloot of space for the sake of the fish.And please,a tropical tank looks better big.Besides,a small tropical tank doesn't look nice.Because I have a small one.
3.I want to transfer my carnivorous fish to my tropical tank.The tank that holds my carnivorous fish quite sudah mati already.The filter all cocked up and the tank getting too small for them.See! Even smaller tank somemore.
4.Besides,my shelf is the Ikea stack up DIY one.All I need to get are the planks.HAHA! Budget!
5.This actually gives me an excuse to do up the left side because now,it is so cluttered.

So yes,I have now explained and justified myself.

Speaking of justifiying,there was a time around last week in school when a group of us guys were talking about the lastest shit scandal to happen in class.We were talking and the topic turned to back-stabbing and throat cutting and what not.
And during the conversation I said " If I hate you and don't like you,I wouldn't mind back-stabbing you.And I wish you would suffer".
Everyone went "OH MY GAAAAAAAAAWD!!"
And so did I.
I was shocked I said it myself.I was shocked I even thought that way.And I was shocked I said it out loud.
Aye,what is become of me?

Goodnight..I need to repent..

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