It's a very sad time for me.
3 of my precious Bettas have died...
What's shocking is,all died on the same day!

I named the first ever one Pinko because he was the first fish I ever bought.
He was the first ever fish I brought home.
I remembered the time,when I was at my most depressing,and my interest in fish was just beginning to bloom.
I remembered stepping into that little aquarium store for the very first time.
Laid my eyes on Pinko at first sight.
Bought him and slowly cycled home.
He was my pride and joy!
I watched him grow and mature,and from him,I bloomed into 4 tanks.
He has been with me for a year and 13 days now.
He died a peaceful death of old age.
And is my longest living fish to date.

R.I.P Pinko

Here is my other prized Betta.
I bought him a month after Pinko.
Beautiful guy.
He was the friendly and hardy one.
When all fell sick,he was the only one going strong.
He had such perfect finage.


And here,sad to say,is my newest Betta.
But sadly,left rather early.
Got him from Isaiah's father.
He warned me,saying this guy was rather old..but I loved him too much to forget.
He was spectacular.


I am so sad!!
Well,all my Bettas have lived long and fruitful lives.
Atleast they didn't have a premature death.
But I'm just sad that all had to go on the same day.
Now,I am left with one more.And I plan to keep it that way.
I always feel more attached to my Bettas as they are all individual fishes.
Imagine when one dies.
So imagine when 3 die.

So now,the last Betta I have is going to live a good life.He now has a BIG tank all for himself at the top of the shelf where he can see the lands of my room!

He is at the top of the new shelf I got for my room.
Now my room is so much less congested as before.
Not to mention my new BIG tank!
Shall update more on that later.

Right now,let me mourn my loss.

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