I do know I am possessed about blogging,but time and my body restricts me too.
Well,its the holidays.Happy I am!I don't need to wake up before 1pm anymore!
These days have been wonderful.
Lots of eating! Lots of spending!

ALOT of MONEY has been spent.And alot more to come.

Let's see here.
First,there were 2 birthdays last week.
Plus I went on shopping sprees like nobody's business.
Not to mention my sister's birthday and parents anniversary all in this month alone.
Imagine the money being spent!
Imagine the money already spent! I won't tell you.

Let's start with all the worldly possesions I have bought so far since my last post.

That Levi's ad really got into me.So I grabbed an old pair of jeans I don't wear anymore and got myself a nice slim black jean.Not cheap either you know.The jeans quite expensive already,and you get only $50 bucks off.For a poor rojak like me,it's still rather hefty.But,it's okay to splurge.

Next,I got my contact lenses.Finally.They are just great! Even my parents love them.So natural looking as well.One drawback however.Since everyone was so used to seeing me in black eyes,that when I came around with brighter pupils,they swore I was wearing mascara or eye liner.
Like what the hell?!
Just in church yesterday,6 people were so convinced I was wearing mascara/eye liner.Except Kevin,who thought I was having bad eye bags ( after I convinced him I was'nt wearing any).Now I look like some Spanish or Lebanese or Israeli dude. HOT!

And......I went to Club Marc again.Yeah,I know.Again.Got some jogging shorts and briefs.They got some HOT briefs.Gonna get some more!

Oh yeah.And I think I ordered some AussieBum underwear online too I think.Oops.

The 2 birthdays last week too were good!
First,Pearle's birthday on Monday at Marche.
Expensive wonderful Marche.
Well,I did stuff myself there surprisingly.I thought I could just gobble down a rosti.
But..thanks to Kevin Seet!! We shared and we had a feast!
We had of course Rosti,and I think the Christmas Special Crepe and Lamb with Mash.
D.E.Li.Cious FOOD!

Then on Friday,my class celebrated Leonard's birthday.
Went to Seoul Garden and later goozling around at Esplanade.
Ssssssh.But some of them got drunk.Seriously.
But we had a great time!

Oh,did you know my hamster has given birth?! Like so fast?!
So now,I got 3 more little hammies!
More mouths to feed.
Well,2 hamsters are already booked.
So there is one more little bundle of joy left.
Anyone wants one? Contact me asap to book okay!

I feel so "I can't put my finger on this feeling" right now.
I feel like I need to lose more weight.
I feel like I should get into a relationship (never!).
I feel like I should start working at NewUrbanMale.
I feel like buying that Trench Coat even though it costs around 300 bucks.
I feel like getting plastic surgery ( seriously something wrong here).
I feel like snuggling down a whole bottle of GreyGoose and watching Desperate Housewives(weird).
I feel like I want Bree Van De Kamp to be my mother ( like I never had that feeling before).
I feel like going to the Marina Bay countdown (impossible!).

My feelings can be so erratic.
My real thoughts however are that I want to get my license as soon as possible.I want to save atleast 2 grand in my bank account.I do however also want a new chin and nose but that is just way beyond my ability and sanity.
Silly me.

All right.
3 of my prized ornamental goldfish are very sick.I need to tend to them.
I have my pig sty of a room to clean.
And 2 dogs to keep away from my hamsters.
So everyone,don't drink what you can't handle and practice safe sex okay?

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