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For those who know me,I'm not one who would blog-hop or go around reading blogs.Only when I'm extremely bored do I do that,sad to say.But I do do the occasional rounds on blogs just to update myself.Especially with BryanBoy, ILuwFashion and A Man Fashion.My favorites of a few.Other than that it's just those political blogs here and there.So,today while cruising around,I fell into 5XMom.Her name is Lilian Chan and she has been around for sometime.Silly slow me of course.And I love her blog! It has everything! Politics,food,personal opinions on issues (which I like).And what's better is that she's a mother! Cool sey!! A cool mum! Imagine your mother being a famous blogger in Malaysia! Okay,so I got myself hooked onto her blog.It doesn't bite that she is a food blogger too!
I feel like a fool for only recently just reading her blog.
I think it's time I put a section up for great blogs.

So,as I promised,today's post will have alot of pictures.

Yesterday met up with Phebe Shin.I love hanging out with her.

Lets start with my new look.Well,I just showed the lady the picture and she dove right in!
Any similarities? Well,his hair is straighter,softer,and thinner.Mine is just plain curlier,coarser and thicker! So,I can't get exactly what he had.But,close enough I would say.And I'm happy.And now my rebond has totally worn off.So my hair is back into curly fashion again.But who am I to complain huh?

This picture was taken on the very first practice for the NEC Convention.Coffee cups in tow.Lots of memories.Shabana burped in this tiny room.Yucks.

These are my hamsters.No idea what to name them.I love them alot.And they pee alot too.

I cooked this immediatly after I got well on like Tuesday? I was happy then that I could eat normally again so I whipped up Gordon Ramsay's tomato omelete with feta cheese.A success.But sad,now,I'm on a no oil,no chilli,nothing hard diet.Until my throat really clears up.I seriously still have no idea what's wrong.

Official ClubMarc lover.These are what I got.More to come!

Well,I lazy to upload more.Tomorrow is a holiday.Like I haven't had enough of holidays already!
Selamat Hari Raya Haji!

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