Wow.It's been long.I miss my blog.I missed rambling on about total nonsense and my useless life.Okay,that said,I am still sick.Damn,I used to love getting sick you know.No school,sleep,the pampering,the weight lose,the happy pills and so on.But seriously now,it's going to be a whole month.I am kinda getting sick of the whole routine.Especially the waking up every morning and the forever antibiotics swallowing.Actually,it's more of the disruption of everyday life that's just very annoying.
And you give yourself the excuse because you're sick.You wake up, groggish cause you just slept for like 12 hours in a row everyday,you are tired of seeing that red puffy face in the mirror so you leave your home looking disgruntled.I think I have used enough tissues to make a 2 story bungalow and enough pills to classify me addicted and suicidal.
Enough said,I actually went to the doctors on Wednesday.After like 10 plus plus years! Record broken.Sadly.And it is a good thing that I went.
The doc said,that even though I have been able to heal myself for years,this year just isn't my healing year.Yeah,I get it,I'm old!.Anyways,she said that the infection this year is pretty bad and really pretty bad.And it was gonna take strong antibiotics to clear along with a parade of other pills.And she also said I came at the right time cause that serious blocked ear I was having could have been even more serious and actually caused damage.So yay! Thanks Dad for dragging me down to the doctors.I got my very first MC too.(She actually wanted to give me 5 days of it,but being the modest student I am,I only took one (: ) I might have to go back on Monday.My ear is still blocked.Like damn.
So she wanted me to have as much rest as I can get,no stress and no heaty foods.Well,I think I have been sleeping more in total these few days than I have for the last month.I got major tests coming up and I need to do well,as I always do,so stress in inevitible.BUT,I have forgone heaty foods.Or food for that matter.Yeah right,everyone knows I can't say no to food.So,there goes all that Old Chang Kee and comfort food.I decided to take care of what I put in my mouth.Imagine me drinking hot coffee during the day time?! I did that.Serious!

Back to reality,I've spent most of my waking hours at home watching the whole Season 1 of Ugly Betty.Great show shall I add! So,the past few weeks have been a way.I shall let those pictures do alot of talking.

I wasted 30 over bucks on this stupid challenge.Our gross profit was a mere $25.90 and our total spending we could say was atleast 50 bucks for everything.However,atleast we didn't go home empty handed.The whole process of this challenge however has brought alot of us classmates closer.Indeed.Never will I waste my time on shit like this ever.Tsk!

This is Caleb Chua.I am into the habit of calling him korkor because he really does act like one.We met up after like the whole year yesterday.It was great catching up with him again.Had a great time and a very long talk.Had japanese food too.I love that new Japanese food court at the new Northpoint.The food there isn't that expensive either.And their pizzas are quite good too.Yeah,I ate.No choice.He forced me to.

Edamame and Ham and mushroom Pizza.

I find this picture very amusing.Taken when Nisa was trying out her new phone.I look the Joker smiling for a photo before killing the person in it! Tsk Tsk!

The over exposure to Ugly Betty has done something to me.I now think I really should get some J Linderberg or Vivian Westwood.And some Calvin Klein.Which is not good.Because I got no money.
Was supposed to work today but,this cough I have is damn irritating.And my ear still deaf won't help with customer relations at all.Will be working tomorrow. Damn.Think of the money.Think of the money.
I need a new rebond.My hair now is totally like shit now.I hate looking at it.And I can't do anything either.It's too curly.Aaaaaargh!
Mdm Choo going to give me 2 hamsters!
And Jackie and Bullet the jack russells are coming over to stay for the holidays!

Boy,isn't it fast that Christmas is here again.Shopping! (: This year is going to be a change for my family.We'll be celebrating Christmas and most of that time in Malaysia.Even more better for the shopper in me!
All right,Gaijin has to go.I shall leave with the lyrics of Dixie Chicks-Not Ready To Make Nice. I love this song and it's been long since I put lyrics up.
Ciao people!

I know you said
Can’t you just get over it
It turned my whole world around
And I kind of like it

I’m through with doubt
There’s nothing left for me to figure out
I’ve paid a price
And I’ll keep paying

I’m not ready to make nice
I’m not ready to back down
I’m still mad as hell and
I don’t have time to go round and round and round
It’s too late to make it right
I probably wouldn’t if I could
‘Cause I’m mad as hell
Can’t bring myself to do what it is you think I should

Forgive, sounds good
Forget, I’m not sure I could
They say time heals everything
But I’m still waiting

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