I thought I could be strong. 
For her. And for me. 

Waited patiently with the family and that balloon. 

My heart leaped with joy when the nurses arrived saying "she's here!".

I jumped out of my chair with the balloon and pranced to the door. 

As if everything was over. 

But when I saw her face....

My heart stopped. 
My blood stopped flowing. 
My arms couldn't move. 

I just stood there. 

The waves of emotions started taking over. 
The tears started to form up. 
My voice and my hands started to tremble. 

But I held them back. 
I thought I was strong. 

But when I stood next to her, and when she smiled, everything just exploded.   

The tears started to flow uncontrollably. 

And in that instant, I knew I wasn't strong. 

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