Twenty One.




I don't need my folks signature on those indemnity forms no more!

I can buy/do/drink whatever I like.

I am a man.
To do as I please.

But, I still feel the same old Gaijin.
Nothing has changed.
Nothing is new.

I mean how time flies.
It felt like yesterday I was going to Primary school.
Felt like yesterday when I ran around wild in India.
Felt like yesterday when life started all over again in Singapore.

I've been in Singapore for 5 years already.
Boy how time flies.
I remember it so clearly.
Getting on the plane for the last time.
Mind scared yet excited at the same time.
Not knowing what to expect.
With a dream and a plan in mind.

Jump forward 5 years later and here I am.
Whatever plans and dreams I had when I touched down had become nothing more that just a dream.
Life has had taken a complete turn over.
This wasn't what I had planned.


I am happy that life has been what it has been.
Well of course I am still sore.
But grateful.
All that shit, all that pain, all that hardship, depression and sadness.
It was worth it.
For now.

For now.
I am happy.
I am somewhat content.
I am somewhat settled.

I won't lie and say I am extremely happy.
That life is perfect and I have nothing to complain about.
Because it isn't.
I am still sad, angry, depressed and sore sometimes.
Life isn't the perfect life I wanted it to be.
And sadly, sometimes I do have those bouts of sadness once in a while.

But, I am still happy.
So contradicting no?

Let's just live life one day at a time shall we?

Now back to me being twenty-one!

I would say, this birthday was the best birthday I ever ever had.
Very true.

Let's start with the week before my birthday.

See this bunch of people?
They are my OBS mates.
We went to OBS exactly 1 year ago the day we met up.
How co-incidental.
Anyway, this outing took 1 whole year to plan.
Shocking provided by the fact that we see each other on campus oh so often.

So, we finally met up outside of school.
And we had dinner at Manhattan Fish Market!



 Clara dear bought a cake, since she worked at a cake shop.

And these people suddenly decided to look at my wallet.
And found out my birthday was just next week.
I had an impromtu birthday surprise!

I love these guys so much.
From the time all of us sat down, we were just laughing and laughing all the way till we parted ways.
Tock Seng needs to have more outings with double the laughter again!

And on my actual birthday.
I was in Polyforum yeah.
And my birthday was smack right down in the middle of it.
My awesome polyforum mates had this wonderful surprise planned out.
Which I stupidly went to spoil.
But either way it was one of the best surprises I had!

And you know what the stupid thing was?
The stuuuupid rule was that lights out at 11pm and no going to other people's room and shit.

Which I think is silly cause we aren't little kids and I mean we are quite grown up to take care of ourselves.
They actually had spot checks and were so ANAL about it. Like really fucking anal to the point of complete annoyance. THEY WOULDN'T LEAVE YOUR ROOM. It was a complete intrusion of privacy and personal boundaries.


So because of that shit, we had to celebrate in the dark.
All lights off, be as quiet as possible.
And enjoy in total darkness.
It was lovely.

All went well, until a few had to leave.
That's when the spot checkers from hell swooped down.
We didn't open the door for them.
Until they made it quite anally clear that they wouldn't leave.
So well, party busted.

They ruined my birthday party.
I will forever remember you faces.

So, the rest of us spent  the night watching Scream 3 and went to bed.
My perfect birthday.

I actually wanted to have a chalet for like 3 day?
And invite people during that period for sleep overs and all that.
But I scrapped the idea cause of Polyforum.
Which was an awesome thing to do!

But I just felt like I needed to do something.
I mean, I do turn 21 only once.
So I decided to have one at home.

I was my first time EVER having a birthday party.
And it's sure might be my last.

Special invitation ONLY.

It was a blast!

Simon, Baotri and Siying came by to help.
I swear I couldn't have made it without them.

And the mother of course! :D

I almost killed/chocked everyone to death with my sparklers/candles.

I hope everyone had fun!

Thank you all for celebrating something special with me.

The fact that you were there meant that you are someone special to me,

And I <3 you all so much!

Okay, now time for me to be a real 21 year old and get cracking on the greater good and meaning of life.

And always remember,

Gaijin <3 you!

PS. I shall blog about my wonderful cake soon! :D

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