Oh my lawd.

I can't stand them anymore.
Please. immature people, stay away from me before I just baboom your ass for you.
All pampered beings with no life whatsoever outside of that building.
Please, get a life for your sorry asses.

Besides, I am the unedifying one.
("You can just...Eat shit and diieeeeeeeee: -Margaret Cho) 

Don't think I don't know what you fuckers said.
I am not one to just sit back and relax when you assholes start spreading rumors about my friends or me for that matter.
I am going to be the mature one.
Wohoho..Talk about being mature ...
And just leave you guys to rot and die.
Or until you come to your senses of how stupidly LAME and hypocritical you people are.
And please. I can survive without you.

I always have.

Oh. Let me talk about last Wednesday.

It was such a day of excitement!
You know, first ever studio shots..
And with great people too.
Yes it costs a BOMB.
Mother wen ballistic after I told her the price.
But to tell you the truth, I was so caught up in the moment, I was so greedy, that I wanted them all!
Yeah, she's still angry over the fact I spent so much money on this when I keep complaining I need to save and all that.

I love them!
Okay, my face and make up just aren't a match in heaven.
And the ones in pink just proves it.
And my favs are the ones with the backlight!

And I realized I looked some Bollywood star in some of the other shots.

 I sure hope nothing like this comes by again, (though I would so love love LIKE to do it again).
Time to start saving up.
Like really, time to save up.
Time to start the joys of part time working.
This is the longest time I have gone without a job. 
And it sucks.

Anyways, if I can do it for the half of this year, I sure can earn everything back by December.
And I got help!
Which still hasn't arrived into my thirsty bank account!
Money money money.

Talking about pictures, I went back to BeesWorks today.
It has been like what? 3-4 years?
Anyways, the photographer told me that the boss wanted me down, which means, she MIGHT want to send me to an audition.
Here I go getting all happy over something fickle..and which might never happen.
So, after all the photo taking, and everything brought down, (the boss was there) , she looked at the photos, looked at the photo that was taken 4 years back (I looked dreadful in those) and went

"Oh it's you! You look so different. You lost weight right? Are you going to keep your hair this length?"

Then she went on to talk about my hair, and started pulling out magazines showing me mens' hairstyles.
Hmmm. She says shorter curly hair better. With a touch of glossy soft gel.

Point taken.
But let me have my rebonded hair first.


Okay sort of.

My dream to be a model isn't as strong as it was when I was a raging 16 year old, but oh well, it's worth a shot given the opportunity.

Dream on bitch.

I had 2 BBQs last week.
One was for Shi Ting's birthday.
It was wonderful to see all the classmates again.
And wonderful to cook in the rain.
No pictures.
We were either busy hiding from rain, protecting the fire, cooking and eating the food.

OH OH, there was a dead cat on the beach, but I shall blog about that later.

The other BBQ was yesterday at Yeh's place.
Small intimate gathering.
Finally got Hang Yang to come out.

It was a great night.
And what a way to end the week..

Now here I am, in the wee hours of the Tuesday morning.
Exams next week and I don't even have the urgency I want to have.

I need to get my groove back.

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