Back mama!


Okay..the fact of the matter is I was just way too tired to blog about ANYTHING the last two weeks.
I tell no lie.

Anyways, quite a lot has happened over those 2 weeks.
So this is going to be LONG.

Let's start with my latest purchase.
It's a little Disderi 3-lens Robot camera.


I called him Tojo. (Don't laugh! Nothing wrong with naming your belongings!)
I am already half way done with taking pictures, which I do hope would come out perfect.
Like film is so cheap nowadays. Not to mention the processing price. GOSH.

And one thing I don't understand about this.
You can buy this baby online, in 2-lens, 3-lens and 4-lens, for hmm, the cheapest I saw was 22 bucks. Or you can buy it is certain of these novelty stores for an unbelievable price of 32 bucks!
But, I got mine for only 19.95 at Mini Toons!
That's right, Mini Toons!
Seriously, I would not have known if I wasn't pushed into a store I would never go into.
They even sold the Aquapix cameras for only 9.95! When it's like 25 shamuckaroos online!
And I would have been one of those stupid people who almost actually got one online.

Moral: You can actually find the same stuff, at better prices at the most unexpected places! AKA Mini Toons.

Anyways, Tojo is doing fine! My latest baby.
Stop laughing ass

What kept me out for almost one week that I had no time to blog?
The YOG! And to be more exact JYOF!
Journey of the Youth Olympic Flame for those who live under a rock.
I was part of the Samsung Motivators who followed the bloody flame everywhere!
It was really a great time! Alot of perks too!
I got to know my course mates better, ballroom mates, made new friends and umm okay I can't think of anymore.
But it was fun no doubt! The whole damn 6 days worth.
Being on the Hippo bus I agree was the best part.

 And yeah, I don't really wanna see the word Samsung again. HAHA.

It all ended well, with a Beast and 4min concert, which I totally lost my ear drums to.
I am no big fan of K-pop. But it was nice.
And I most probably won't go for another.
Unless of course if it's free.

But when is Lady Gaga coming to Singapore!?

And there went 1 week of my study break!

Which only gives me 2 weeks to study for bloody MATH, PHYSICS and CIRCUITRY. 

It was National Day in between right?
I finally met up with CM2K.
I miss them quite a lot. After all, it was 2 years in that wonderful ITE we called school for.
It was great catching up with them. It's sad many aren't around. Bloody NS.

We did our usual. Seoul Gardened and went to watch fireworks.
And we had no idea it was at the Padang this year! (Or maybe I didn't!)
I just can't wait for our next meet up!

Jackie and Bullet stayed over too! During the National Day weekend.

I miss these dogs too!
I always love it when they stay over.
The house is forever noisy and we always welcomed when we get home with lotsa noise, jumping and slobber.
By far, the best dogs in the world! No doubt!

And I always end my week at Christopher Yeh's house.
That wonderful haven, filled with FOOD, GAMES and MOVIES!
And not just normal movies.

So let's see.
Last week it was Avatar on Blu-ray.
And I didn't catch Avatar before, so it was PERFECT!
And I want to live in a tree and have my one Ikran.

And yesterday, it was my ALL TIME FAVOURITE!
Some shows just stand the test of time.
And for me, Fifth Element does!
I remember watching it from 1999 all the way till 2005 non-stop.
And I still love it!
And it's even better in Blu-ray!

This show never fails to make me laugh, and always stirs my inner fantasy.

And my best parts of the show!

I wonder...what shall I watch next week?

Wow. I only have 2 weeks for studying.
And out of that, it's like 5 days taken up for other stuff, so it's like 1 week left to study!?
Ah. And studying isn't my thing!
I mean those subjects aren't my thing!
But hey, I am GAIJIN, and I can do it!

Which starts now.
Yeah now.
Open books.
Okay, don't disturb me.

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