Oh yes.
For the first time in my life, I could say that I have somewhat, did quite well for a math paper.
For me, that's a great achievement!

Anyways, today marks the day of my first ever exam in NYP.
And I am tired. Gonna hit the banter early tonight.
With Physics and Circuitry in arms.

Gaijin you have to stay away from Ebay.

Tomorrow is gonna be a good day.
Wake up early ( and study like a crazy banana).

And then maybe find a DBS branch.
Or maybe not. That could wait.

And head back to ITE Yishun for Teacher's Day.
Hang out with my old mates for awhile and study.

And after that, it's off to collect the purchases which I purchased online at Ebay which is so keeping me glued to the laptop screen and keeping my brain away from my books and my money away from the bank.'s shopping.

The only therapies that work for me are,

1. Alone and peace and quiet.
2. Fish and nature.

And yes, the comforts of Ebay, you don't even need to move!
Okay, I just hope I don't blow my savings away.

All right all right.
One purchase at a time okay?

I said yesterday about having a great food.

This is a typical Malayalee meal.
And it's COMFORT FOOD for me.

It has been almost 4 years since I had such authentic delicious food.
Ah. All those memories.
I was so happy eating.
You should have seen my face.

The occasion, Onam!
A huge festival back in Kerala.
More like their New Years.
Where they have boat races that would make Singapore's dragon boat races look like sissys.

I would say, it was the perfect meal before the storm  (AKA EXAM).

And speaking about comfort food, Uncle Sam came back from India and he brought back sweets!
Talk about comfort baby..


So now, it's off to study AGAIN.

And again, another short post.

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