A A A to B C+ D

Wow. Busy life is, is it not?
It's a never ending process, this life of mine.
I keep wanting to blog.
But there just isn't the time or the energy to do it!
So here I am, forcing myself to do it! (While struggling with Matrices and Determinants).

Well, a reason now for not having time at all is because,  out of the 7 days in a week, 5 days are taken up for DANCING!
Let's see here, my current schedule is:

Mondays and Saturdays: Latin
Tuesdays and Fridays: Flashmob
Sundays: Jazz

Which doesn't really leave me with much time to do anything else!
I need to do something about it, cause I usually get home and hit the BED, not the BOOKS.
I am not complaining. I love dancing with my core being.
BUT I just need to find a way to manage my high energy outburst.
Not to mention the gyming and swimming too!

(Yes, that's right, I am on a fight to get rid of the bulge, and I'm fighting to the end this time)

And as of again, good time management.
Well the Flashmob isn't permenant, so I hope Jazz classes can get back on, on Fridays.
Save me my Sunday, which is usually my one and only RnR day.
I need to manage my time, to manage studies, dance, and play.
Sigh. Like I said.. "It's a never ending process, this life of mine."

I am sad.
Quiznos isn't a part of my life anymore.
I feel so itchy. I've been so used to having a part time job for years! It's been like an integral part of me, you know, the running late for work, and the expectation of the increase of numbers in your bank account.
I can't deny the fact, that now, my financial status isn't at it's best standards. But, it's not a matter of choice. It's a matter of priority and knowing what's right and the right thing to do.
My studies need to buck up.
 It's dead.
I feel dead.
Common tests (though as simple as it was) has blown over and left it's mark.
I am devastated. Devastated with the fact that I have not done well.
It sucks, forcing yourself to study stuff you hate. I can't, I just can't let whatever I mugged for, stay in my head.
My head  just can't bring itself to remember all this kinda stuff.
You know the feeling when you get As for so long.
And then you suddenly drop all the way like a B, C+ and D.
Horrible I tell you.
I won't tell you what subjects those were, (I know it's a BLOG! But it doesn't mean I need to spill out EVERYTHING!)
But I can tell you, I have not got my MATH results YET!
Trust me that's the killer right there for me. I hate math to the core. And anyone who knows that would really agree.

I can only go back to work during September. Holidays.That 3 weeks of work, is gonna keep me up for the next semester.
It's true, I am so not in a good financial situation now.
Besides my allowance, the dependence of cash coming from another source is now GONE!
And yes, I would really appreciate it, if someone could sponsor me, you know, like weekly.
Say maybe 50 bucks a week?!  HAHAHAHA!

Well, about my blogshop, it's still in the works.
More like in my mind kinda works.
Still sourcing out suppliers and clients and stuff.
But at the moment, it it of nothing more than just a pigment of my imagination.
And for me to want to use that as a source of income now is totally bullshit.

Well, besides that, life is kinda okay.
I love my family.
I love my church gang.

And I love my classmates. I could not ask for any other people than these.
It's just like a mini family.
And seriously, I have never laughed more than anyone else but this bunch right here!
It's so FLUFFY I'm gonna die!

OH! And goodbye Vittles.
I will miss you!

That's all folks.
I need to get back to those damn books!
Till then..CIAO!


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