This fasting time isn't such a bad thing that everyone thinks it might be!

Whenever everyone's munching away, with me wallowing in my self-pity, I usually have nothing to do but notice every morsel that enters their bloody mouths.
So, to keep myself busy, I decided to just grab a book from my shelf one day, just for the sake of keeping me occupied and my mind on something else.

I have this collection of books I bought over the years which have been rotting over time.
Just never came around to touch them.
Or just never really cared.
And I began to wonder why I bought them in the first place.

So yes, today, during the first break of school, screw mee soto, I finally finished the first book!

The Sett by Ranulph Fiennes.


They say it's a true story.
I don't how true.The depth of it is just too bewildering to comprehend, to beleive it's truth abit too CRAZY.But then again, I just found the love I once lost for reading!

So, in a way, I conclude that, during this tough time of fasting, though I may be having to sacrifice my joy of wonderful, glorious food, I HAVE gained something back.

Something which my depression phase stole away from me.

And it's time to get everything back that has been taken away from me.

First comes first.
My love for life.
And everything that comes from there.

This is for Gwen Lee.

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